Stimulus Jobs: 3 Things to Know

The White House plans to speed up the pace of recovery.

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If you've been waiting with bated breath for the flood of stimulus-related job openings, you've been waiting a while. Might be time to breathe, actually. Here are three things to know about those stimulus jobs:

Shovel ready projects really weren't: So far, the government agency that has spent the most in stimulus funds is the Department of Health and Human Services. The Transportation Department has spent only about $150 million of its total $15 billion allotment.

The pace is going to be picked up: The White House said today that stimulus spending will be accelerated over the next three months. The administration anticipates job creation or preservation of 600,000 in that period--roughly four-times the jobs created/preserved in the previous three-month period.

You may never know the success of the stimulus: It looks like the federal funds are preserving jobs in sectors like the bus industry, the AP reports--but counting job creation will be tricky. 


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