How to Ask For a Raise After the Recession

Show a little intelligence and tact in that first request for a raise in the recovery.


Most economists expect the economy to begin a turnaround in the second half of this year. If you've managed to hang on to your job through the downturn and its accompanying tornado of layoffs, pay cuts, pay freezes, benefit cuts, and so forth--you're no doubt anxious for better compensation in the recovery. I was on Good Day LA recently to discuss the best approach to the raise conversation. It's hard to give general advice on this topic, as every employee and every employer is different. Really, the key wisdom from the experts I interviewed seems to be: show tact and an awareness of the economy (so, don't ask for more money shortly after your company has had layoffs) and know that if you haven't been integral to the company's recovery, you can probably save your breath.


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