10 Best Cities to Look For Creative Jobs

These U.S. metros have promising ratios of supply and demand for creative careers.

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You can head for a city with a low unemployment rate, or you can find a city that's got a slightly outsized need for the job you know best. For people in creative careers, you may actually be able to find work in this recession if you spend some time focusing your search on spots where the supply/demand ratios are more favorable. Here are some of the top cities for jobs from acting to architecture, according to data from Wanted Technologies.

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San Francisco: If you're an actor, you may have your best shot auditioning in this Northern California metropolis.

Dallas: According to the Wanted data, it would be a good idea for chefs, writers and authors, singers and musicians, and floral designers to look for work in this Texas city.

Provo, Utah: This city should rank tops for job-seeking graphic designers.

New York: Photographers and chefs will find one of their best job markets right now in New York.

Minneapolis: It may have some of the best opportunities for architects and chefs. As well, singers and musicians may find it easier to get a gig in in this Minnesota city—the city has some of the strongest opportunities for the market, after Dallas and Los Angeles.

Cleveland: While New York and Minneapolis score high for chefs, Cleveland makes a surprisingly strong bid for these kitchen creatives.

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Milwaukee: The opportunities are good for architects in this Wisconsin city, which ranks second only to Minneapolis.

Los Angeles: It's probably not much of a surprise that fashion designers and choreographers may have their best shot in Hollywood.

Virginia Beach, Va.: Who says mixology isn't creative? This metro area, which includes Norwalk and Newport News, is one of the best spots in the nation for bartenders to find work. (This is, incidentally, also one of the U.S.News Editors' Picks for Best Places to Live. Think: 35 miles of beaches.)

Las Vegas: If you're a hairdresser or cosmetologist, Sin City is the place to look for work. And take note: Raleigh, N.C., also is a good spot for these job seekers.


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