Google's Chrome

New Browser Will Challenge Microsoft.

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After a two-year development, Google Chrome is out in more than 40 languages.

Citi's Mark Mahaney asks and answers: Is there room for another browser?

Sure, as evidenced by the fact that Firefox has over the past few years grown to gain close to 20% market share, despite being at a significant pre-installed disadvantage vs. Internet Explorer. There is market demand for a browser that is speedier, simpler, safer, and stabler than IE. What is unknown is whether Chrome is that browser.

It doesn't change the outlook for Google's share price, however. Mahaney reiterates a $610 price target on the stock.

A few links to Chrome coverage:

If nothing else, Chrome gives Google another place to show off its increasingly compelling online services.

As an aside, I know only a handful of folks under age 30 who still use IE as their default browser, though my data set is obviously flawed and probably badly skewed. But if Firefox can grow that fast and supposing a decent Google browser is at least mostly as good, is the market share equation gearing up for a huge shift?