Top 10 Bank Failures: WaMu Heads the List

The company had $307 billion in assets.

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Here's a list of the top 10 bank failures of all time from Reuters. WaMu is No. 1.

1. Washington Mutual of Henderson, Nev., and Park City, Utah: Seized September 25 with $307 billion in assets as of June 30.

2. Continental Illinois of Chicago: Collapsed in 1984 with $40.0 billion in assets.

3. First RepublicBank Corp. of Dallas: Failed in 1988 with $32.5 billion in assets.

4. IndyMac Bank FSB of Pasadena, Calif.: Collapsed in July with assets of $32 billion.

5. The American Savings & Loan Association of Stockton, Calif.: Failed in 1988 with assets of $30.2 billion.

6. Bank of New England Corp.: Collapsed in 1991 with assets of $21.7 billion.

7. MCorp of Dallas: Failed in 1989 with assets of $15.6 billion.

8. Gilbraltar Savings of Simi Valley, Calif.: Collapsed in 1989 with assets of $15.1 billion.

9. First City Bancorp of Houston: Failed in 1988 with assets of $13.0 billion.

10. Homefed Bank FA of San Diego: Failed in 1992 with assets of $12.2 billion.

Note: Information taken from FDIC database and Office of Thrift Supervision.