Alpha Magazine Ranks Your Hedge Fund Overlords

Not everyone had a bad 2008.

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Institutional Investor's Alpha magazine ranks the Top 25 Money Makers in the hedge fund world based on 2008 earnings:

1. James Simons, Renaissance Technologies Corp. - $2.5 billion

2. John Paulson, Paulson & Co. - $2 billion

3. John Arnold, Centaurus Energy - $1.5 billion

4. George Soros, Soros Fund Management - $1.1 billion

5. Raymond Dalio, Bridgewater Associates - $780 million

6. Bruce Kovner, Caxton Associates - $640 million

7 David Shaw, D.E. Shaw & Co. -  $275 million

8 Stanley Druckenmiller, Duquesne Capital Management - $260 million

9 (tie) David Harding, Winton Capital Management - $250 million

9 (tie) Alan Howard Brevan, Howard Asset Management - $250 million

9 (tie) John Taylor Jr., FX Concepts - $250 million

Honorable mentions include short seller Jim Chanos (No. 12).

Remember the names above, because it's likely that a few of them are going to become senior partners in Treasury's public-private partnership. Given the friendly terms (for investors, not taxpayers) being offered to private money willing to help fund toxic assets a few are already sniffing around including Ray Dalio of mega-fund Bridgewater (No. 5 on the list) who is reportedly interested in buying distressed assets.

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