Portfolio Magazine Closes

It's too bad.

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Conde Nast is closing Portfolio, a two-year-old title that cost somewhere between $100 million and $150 million (per BW's Jon Fine) and launched at almost the exact moment the financial sector, the economy, and the advertising market started to implode.

The price tag raised a lot of eyebrows, and speculation over just how committed the company would be to a new biz mag never let up, but as the end comes there's less surprise and more sadness at the loss of a title that did do some great reporting during its short life and (especially) produced some great blogging from Felix Salmon (who recently decamped to Reuters) and media blogger Jeff Bercovici. Portfolio moved the ball forward online and produced solid stories right up to the end. Its voice will be missed.

  • Kirk Shinkle

    Kirk Shinkle is a senior editor for U.S. News Money and manages the Best Funds portal. Follow him on Twitter @KirkS or email him at kshinkle@usnews.com.

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