Weekend Reading: Warren Buffett Edition

It's that time of year again in Omaha.


It's Berkshire-palooza time again, when some 35,000 souls make their way to Omaha for Cherry Cokes, discount jewelry at Borsheim's and Warren Buffett's latest batch of investing wisdom. Here's a few folks who'll be attending (and blogging) plus some of the accompanying Buffett-related news:

Andrew Ross Sorkin is Twittering. (You can send him questions for Buffett).

Megan McArdle is attending.

WSJ says Charlie Munger doesn't get enough credit.

Is the Omaha lovefest overblown?

Buffett facts from Reuters.

The Guardian predicts some themes including the usual (Buffett's succession) and the obvious (Berkshire's derivatives exposure, and its sinking share price). 

  • Kirk Shinkle

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