Poll: Americans Frozen by Housing Crisis

The majority are unwilling to buy homes.


There have been some predictions that the housing crisis might be bottoming out. Either that message isn't getting to Americans, or it is and they just don't believe it. A new Associated Press-AOL Money & Finance poll finds that 60 percent of Americans say they "definitely" will not buy a home in the next two years. That's up from 53 percent in September 2006. At the same time, just 11 percent say they're certain or very likely to buy soon, and that's down from 15 percent. But Americans are also of two minds about the housing crisis, the poll suggests. Apparently, 59 percent also think now is a good time to buy. So Americans think it would be a good idea to buy but aren't confident enough to do it. No one wants to be the first on his or her block to try to find out whether the housing crisis has really bottomed out.

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