The Global Entrepreneurial Revolution

Q&A with Global Business Consultant Laurel Delaney.


Most businesses approach it from the standpoint that they want the world beating down their online door. But if a business owner has done their homework and found that the best place to get started is, for example, in the UK, they need to carve out a portal that is user-friendly for people in the UK. A business owner can think, "But if I aim only at the UK, the rest of the world won't be interested." But how can a business owner be all things to all people? The smarter strategy is to pick one market and be successful there, then start knocking down the barriers. What do you see in the future concerning globalization trends as they pertain to small businesses?

As long as you have the technology in place, you can reach out. But in some of the emerging markets in third-world countries, they don't have the technology in place. That's why you're reading a lot about social entrepreneurship and how to give people all over the world the ability to be entrepreneurs the way we are in the United States. I think everyone on the planet is going to think about being an entrepreneur. Even if you're employed by a company, on the side you will be doing entrepreneurial things and generating extra income for your business or household. It's become easier, so people feel like they can do it now. That is a result of technology and the Internet. There's going to be an entrepreneurial revolution.

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