How to Blog Your Way to Small-Business Success

It seems like everyone has a blog these days—but most business owners don't. They should.

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5) Keep it simple with search engine optimization. That's the term for getting the most out of Google searches for your site. There are countless ways to figure out how to make your blog more search-engine friendly. But trying to know everything about it is almost a second job. "That's probably something that it wouldn't be in the best interests for a small-business owner to know how to do inside out," says Brogan. Just do the few things that matter the most for search engines. A biggie is prominently using phrases that will cater to the potential customers searching for you. "I guarantee that people in town are going online first to find products and services," Jantsch says. So if you're blogging about plumbing and you are based in Buffalo, don't just blog about "drain clogs": Write about "drain clogs" and "Buffalo." Another easy thing to do is to insert links to other pages in your posts, which also makes Google searches more likely to find you.

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