Best Small Businesses to Start

Learn from the examples of entrepreneurs who’ve succeeded in these hot start-up areas.

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Many of the Best Small Businesses to Start can be run from a home office, cutting start-up costs. Alex Chamandy of Arlington, Va., runs a computer repair business from his basement. An art dealer is at home today online as much as in a gallery.

It's not just old businesses that are being revolutionized. Some start-ups, like online consignment stores, are a brand-new type of business. Purely online businesses may be more recessionproof than traditional small businesses, as they're not "tied into any particular slowdowns in that local area," says Pamela Slim, author of the Escape from Cubicle Nation blog.

Best Small Businesses to Start shows you how you can make your start-up more likely to succeed. The businesses on our list are certainly not the only way for entrepreneurs to succeed in today's economy (please let us know about your ideas for great start-ups by sending a message to But we hope this will get you started.

15 Best Small Businesses to Start

  • Athletic Trainer
  • Career Counselor or Coach
    Computer Services
    Energy Auditing
    Export Manager
    Financial Adviser
    Freelance Web Writer
    Going Global Firm
    Higher Education Services
    Home Healthcare
    Online Art Dealer
    Online Consignment
     Online Farmers' Market
    Outsourcing Firm

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