Quiz: Blackberry or iPhone?

Take this quiz to decide whether a Blackberry or an iPhone is right for you.


Trying to decide between a BlackBerry and an iPhone? Take this quiz to find out which one’s for you.

1. Which feature is most important to you in a mobile phone?
     a. Top-notch security 
     b. A slick interface

2. When on the go, what do you need most?
     a. Turn-by-turn directions to client meetings
     b. Info on nearby businesses

3. Which do you use more?
     a. IM
     b. SMS

4. How often do you need to check your e-mail?
     a. If it’s not instant, I feel behind.
     b. Every 15 minutes or so is enough for me.

5. Are you a major multitasker?
     a. I have as many programs open as possible atany given time.
     b. I prefer to do one thing at a time, thank you.

6. Which wireless carrier are you partial to?
     a. I like to keep my options open.
     b. AT&T is it for me—despite famously bad coverage.

7. Do you like customizing your gadgets?
     a. I want them to do everything right out of the box.
     b. I love finding new apps and add-ons to increase productivity.

If you answered mostly As, you want a BlackBerry to tap into its leading-edge enterprise functions and cross-carrier flexibility.

If you answered mostly Bs, pick up a sleek and sexy iPhone for a stylish, customizable mobile experience.

—By Francine Kizner

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