Best Tech for the Collegebound

Outfitting a collegiate with the right tools doesn't have to be expensive—or confusing.


Those able to afford the brains of a smartphone should buy the iPhone 3G. The iPhone has an impressive lead over competitors with all those serious and silly applications in Apple's App Store. The iPhone 3G now costs only $100 with a two-year contract. But that contract will run $90 a month with unlimited messaging.

Family touch. Less about getting things done and more about staying in touch is a digital photo frame. It's a good touch for a homesick freshman or even a jaded upperclassmen who's bad about calling parents except for money. At least a frame can serve as a reminder of good times with the family. A great balance of features and price is in the Pandigital 8-inch frame with Pantouch Clear. It's a stylish frame with a sharp screen that appears to float in a frame of glass, and it's reasonably priced at less than $100 online. Add an optional USB key ($25) to turn it into a wireless receiver, making it easy to send the latest photos of the kid brother at home.

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