Locksmith/Security System Technician: A Day in the Life

Your first call is the kind you dread.

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Your first call is the kind you dread. An older woman returns home to find the doorknob removed and discovers that most of her valuables are gone. Her distress turns to anger when you suggest she'd be wise to replace her flimsy doorknob with a safer but more expensive system. You listen well, playing psychologist, and a few minutes later, without your having to ask again, she requests the upgraded locks. An hour later, her home is safe.

Next is a more entertaining affair. The owner of a pawnshop is on vacation, and the manager needs to get into the safe because a customer is demanding his pawned jewelry. Alas, the owner didn't leave the combination and is unreachable. So, you have to drill the safe open and replace the mechanism.

Then, you install a wireless alarm system, something you just recently trained for. Fortunately, a more experienced tech joined you to supervise.

Finally, you return to the office to take a class in installing Internet-based intercoms.