5 Keys to Increasing Your Pay

The first rule is to find out what the boss really values—and then deliver.


5. Know when to walk away

Fourteen percent of people who are thinking of leaving their company this year say the desire for better pay is the reason, according to a survey from human resources consulting firm Blessing White. That's twice the number of people who say they are staying because they expect a good raise or bonus.

Sticking by a company through a short financial squeeze or a few rounds of salary freezes doesn't make you a pushover if other aspects of the job work for you.

But the time can come where you just need more money. Or it can become clear that the boss is never going to see you and your value to the team the way you want him to. When that happens, it's not only OK to seek greener pastures; it's the savvy thing to do. (Here is more on when to walk away.) Even within the same company, starting over with a new boss gives you a clean slate for establishing who you are and negotiating what you're worth.