4 Ways to Burn Out, Effort-Free

Bored? Dissatisfied? Disinterested? You're well on your way to burning out!

Young businessman sitting in office with notes over eyes.
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For people who would like more control over their working lives, the first step is to excel at what you're doing and show off your capabilities. Earn the right to some authority. Then ask for it.

Don't find out what the expectations for your job are. Showing up to work every morning with only a vague sense of what you ought to be doing is like working in purgatory. Are you fulfilling your goals? Are you satisfying your job description? Does your work impress management? Who knows?

Many workers aren't clear on what their employer or boss expects of them. Employees who would like some direction and clarity of purpose can make one simple request of their bosses: Ask for one-on-one, regularly scheduled meetings where you can discuss your achievements, goals, and strategies for moving forward, Myers says.

During the meeting, employees should ask questions like: How am I doing? What are your expectations for me in this job? What can I do to help you reach your goals, boss?

Then, if your boss looks at you blankly, can't quite recall your name, or has no clue about what sorts of skills you possess, you've got a pretty good reason to move on.