How a College Grad Can Get Recruited

An expert shares his tips on getting your name in front of a recruiter.


What are some of the major detractors?

Major detractors for me are those candidates who cannot succinctly argue why they are the best person for the job. Sure, their résumé warranted my attention, but credentials can be easily faked without verification. As I said previously, recruiting is all about the sale, and any candidate without that mind-set is doing him- or herself a disservice. Can a college student rely on on-campus recruiting events? Online job sites?

When it comes to securing employment, no college student should rely on any one thing. Do all of the above and more. In the event those efforts prove unsuccessful, consider starting your own business. My father drummed into my psyche early on that if you can't find a job, you should make one. This bit of uncommon sense should not be lost on anyone seeking work, especially in these interesting times.