The 6 Coolest Jobs for Weird Majors

You can put an unconventional degree to work for you in a surprisingly cool career.


If you believe in green, you can put a packaging degree to work as a sustainability engineer, helping companies reduce the volume and weight of their packaging and improve its ability to be recycled. Job prospects are good for packaging majors. According to the School of Packaging at Michigan State University, starting salaries are regularly in the same range as those of engineering majors.

Logic and computation: It might be logical to continue on in academia with this rare degree, young professor. Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pennsylvania are the only schools listed by the College Board as offering a major in logic. The logic and computation major is brand new to Carnegie Mellon this term, and studies touch on analytical philosophy, computer science, math, and statistics. All in all, this makes it a good choice for business or law, but an especially good choice for academia. "Many students will continue on to graduate-level programs across the country and become faculty members at the university level," says Ray Mizgorski, a career consultant at Carnegie Mellon.