How You'll Find Your Next Job

The process of job searching is evolving to meet your needs.


LinkUp has found that users are spending between 10 and 11 minutes, on average, on its smart phone applications, Dayton says. These are job searches that are not likely being done at home, in close proximity to a computer. Instead, the mobile application allows people to search for jobs anywhere, anytime: "when people see a company or a brand and something triggers an idea in their head, " Dayton says. They might be at a party, where they meet someone who works for a company they're interested in. They can do a job search immediately, then save their search for later. "Ideally, that application allows people to improve their search and think more comprehensively about the kind of jobs and careers they want—the kind of companies they want to work for, the kinds of roles and responsibilities that are going to bring satisfaction to their lives," Dayton says.