How Morning Exercise Can Boost Your Career

Getting your workout in early can be an easy way to climb the ladder.


Do what you like. If you hate to run, then planning to run at 6 a.m. is going to make it incredibly difficult to roll out of bed at 5:50. "Doing something you enjoy is going to help you stay with it," she says. "What do you prefer doing? Is it a class you take? Or is it running, lifting weights, or just walking?"

Transport yourself to work. Try combining your workout with your commute. "Some people that I know are really dedicated to riding their bikes to work, and that's a good way that you'll guarantee you'll get your workout in—in the morning and in the afternoon," Valentour says. Only caveat: If your office doesn't have showers, you may look pretty sweaty for the early part of the day.

Teach a class. This works for Valentour, who admits that she is not a morning person. "I teach yoga in the mornings now," she says. "I wouldn't exercise in the mornings, but I get paid for it, so I have to now."