Why Office Dating May Be More Dangerous in This Economy

The recession has made companies extremely anxious, increasing the stakes for office romances.

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A more serious relationship may eventually require confiding. When coworkers find out that two colleagues are dating and they are in the dark, there can be some resentment. For one thing, some will wonder whether they may have offended one by criticizing the other, ignorant of their relationship. If you divulge, be prepared. When relationships are disclosed, past promotions can be tainted with fresh concerns over favoritism.

Although there are many examples of successful relationships that have started at the office, they can very often leave one person (or both) hurt. The wisest workers today are aware of the judgemental, impatient, and unstable nature of the current workplace and are careful to avoid doing anything that would cause them to be viewed as not devoting their complete attention to the job, Goldfarb says.