4 Ways to Tap Into the Hidden Job Market

How to turn yourself into an insider and snag a position before it’s posted.

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Talk to everyone—even strangers—about your job search. It's crucial to log off your computer, get out of the house, and talk to people, face-to-face, about your job search. "Tell every single human being what you're looking for, and ask 'who do you know?'" says Asher. "When you start asking, the connections can be wacky." Dog walkers, cab drivers, and hairdressers "are some of the best sources because they talk to a lot of people," he says. "It's all about information, not about power." It's important to look beyond your close friends for job leads, because they usually have the same knowledge as you, says Asher. So instead focusing only on your Facebook friends, try chatting up people in line at the coffee shop.