Latest in Career Networking: Network Roulette

Social media and other Internet tools are changing the way we network.

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How do most of Brazen's users find jobs? What works for them?

That's why they're on Brazen, [because] a lot of the traditional methods haven't been working, haven't been yielding the best results. So what people are doing is networking and finding new and creative ways to [network] … Networking is how people find jobs. They're [networking] through Brazen, through Twitter, through LinkedIn, through blogs.

I think the people who end up finding the best job are the people who are constantly doing favors, who are constantly putting themselves out there, who are willing to do some stuff for free to be likeable. Being likeable is one of the most important things when you're trying to network ... Your experience matters, but if someone doesn't like you, they're not going to want to work with you. Doing a lot of favors, doing things for other people for free, is actually a good way to start building your network and will probably help you with jobs down the line.

What other new or hip career websites or online tools would you recommend?

As far as career websites go, you really need to find a niche [online] community that has something that you're interested in. If you're interested in social media, go find a social media community to be part of. If you're interested in HR, go find an HR community to be a part of. There's so much generic career advice out there, the thing to do is to find a community [where] you're connecting with people who have the same interests as you. You want to get past [the generic career advice] and go straight to where the people are to start networking.

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We hear talk of the resume going out of style. Do you think that's true?

No, I don't. I think resumes are still petty relevant. People think they can have a Twitter profile or a blog and they don't need a resume, but that's not true. A resume … is what so many recruiters are used to. Maybe 10 years down the line, you won't still be seeing the resume, but right now … don't be lazy and think you can get a job without having a resume.

Do you have any other career advice for new or recent graduates?

The one thing I like to tell recent grads is to be proactive and to think outside the box. One of the things that's really cool about being in a down economy [is] we have to try new things. We have to be innovative. That doesn't just apply to big companies, it also applies to us as job seekers and how we manage our careers. If you can't find a job, maybe you want to start your own business or do something you otherwise wouldn't have thought of doing. Don't be afraid to try new things. You'll be more likely to find success if you think outside the box.