8 Workplace Perks for New Parents

Family-friendly benefits can improve workers’ quality of life and strengthen loyalty to their employer.


A company that offers this perk: Acounting firm Deloitte reimburses employees for adoption-related expenses, up to $5,000 per child. Eligible expenditures include agency fees, legal fees, medical expenses for the birth mother, and transportation for both the adopted child and adoptive parents. The company also offers an adoption-assistance program, which provides information about licensed adoption agencies, private adoptions, and state regulations.

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8. Unlimited sick days. Like telecommuting, this perk benefits more than parent employees. But moms and dads with a new baby at home are likely to appreciate the leeway that much more.

A company that offers this perk: SAS, a software provider, allows employees to take an unlimited number of sick days. Workers can’t control when they’re sick, says vice president of human resources Jenn Mann, so the company trusts them to take the time they need for themselves or their child to heal.

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