Alternative Career Options for Burned-Out Lawyers

Experience in law can serve as a springboard to other careers.


Teaching or coaching. Having a professional degree makes you more marketable as a teacher or professor, and many lawyers find they're good at explaining what they've learned to others. Teachers benefit from solid verbal communication skills, and this job, too, falls into the helping-people category.

Public speaker. Since lawyers are often practiced at making their case in front of a group—a skill that's valued in many industries—you might be a good fit for a position that's heavy on public speaking. If you go into consulting or another form of self-employment, consider public speaking on the side to earn some extra cash and visibility.

[Want to change careers? Consider an online degree.]

No matter what career path you choose, experience in law is likely to help you in one way or another. As Fitzpatrick says, "law school is a springboard to some great opportunities."

If you work or have worked as a lawyer, what other careers appeal to you?