Why New Graduates Should Consider Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur Scott Gerber on thinking outside the corporate box and tips for starting a business.


Was there something about your upbringing that helped you think outside the box? How'd you develop that entrepreneurial mindset?

In terms of the ah-ha moment, when I knew I was never going to work for the man, that happened when I was a sophomore in college. The short story of it is, I was working on a startup concept ... When I was about three weeks away from launching it, my internship coordinator for college called me into a meeting and said that in order for me to get the proper credits for graduation, I needed to basically apply for an internship and work it … So I tabled the startup saying, alright, in two months I'll reopen this, after I'm done with my commitment. So I got an internship in the media business that frankly was hell … When I came back to college and thought, OK, it's time to get back to the startup again, somebody on the campus had launched an identical business to what I was thinking of, and I was devastated.

How do you structure your days?

I'm the first one to admit, I'm still figuring out the work-life balance. In the last year alone, I launched my first book, I launched an organization that's been very hot in the press, the YEC ... I had my first child. I still have my three businesses and a variety of angel projects. So it's been kinda crazy. But thankfully throughout my entire entrepreneurial career to this point, I've been scaling; I've been thinking of ways to streamline and automate. So I'm not really in the businesses that I started to the point where I have to make every decision or sign every check.

Every day truly is different. I basically assign tasks and my team assigns tasks to me at the beginning of a week with the goal of completing by the end of a week … I find solace in trying to be extremely organized and just roll with the punches.