6 Booming Business Jobs

The business sector is on track to add close to 3.8 million jobs in coming years.

Today’s administrative professionals do more than make coffee runs and screen phone calls
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5. Put the customer first. A business is only as strong as the commitment of the clients who support it. That's one reason maintaining an even temperament is a must. Rollins says this is especially true in customer-service driven jobs. "You have to show that you want to work in the hospitality business and with people," he says, "whether they are nice or mean."

6. Learn about the latest business trends. Whether you follow the stock market or routinely read the finance section of your favorite newspaper, it's important to stay attuned to what's new in the business sector. Blake Morar, owner of Destin Real Estate Company in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., says staying up-to-date on business news is crucial in his field."In a lot of cases, people look at facts and figures at a glance," he says. "Their recommendations for buyers and sellers are based more on emotion than it is the reality of things." Morar says this is a mistake, especially for real estate agents, since a large part of their job involves evaluating markets. He encourages prospective agents to "become a student of the business," learning all they can about the process prior to jumping in with both feet.