The 10 Most Expensive U.S. Cities for Workers

Sometimes it’s necessary to move for that perfect job, but at what price?


In Pictures: The 10 Priciest Cities for U.S. Workers

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Relocation Expense: Moving within the Empire State for a new job in early summer probably won't burn too deep of a whole in your pocket. It costs as little as $580 and as much as $1,740 to relocate from Alleghany to Queens, according to

6. San Jose, Calif. If you've just accepted a staffing position at the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, you can expect to pay thousands in monthly living expenses. San Jose couples with a child younger than age six paid $8,565 in living expenses every four weeks, while families with two or more older children paid about $9,629, C2ER reports. The monthly cost of living for homeowners averaged about $9,324 in 2010, while renters paid about $6,603.

Relocation Expense: Ditching cacti for palm trees can run you anywhere from $1,830 to $3,320. That's approximately how much predicts a move from Dallas to San Jose, Calif., will cost this June.

7. Stamford, Conn. If you just nabbed the marketing managerposition of your dreams at Purdue Pharma, L.P., plan on shelling out about $8,562 in living expenses every four weeks—especially if you and your spouse are raising an infant or toddler. Couples with older children, homeowners, and renters paid $9,518, $8,680, and $7,343, respectively, this decade.

Relocation Expense: Hastening from Bellingham, Wash., to Stamford, Conn., in late June will run most workers between $3,100 and $4,880, according to

8. Truckee/Truckee-Nevada County, Calif. Everyone from librarians to shop owners feel the economic pinch of working and living in Truckee. The monthly cost of living for couples with a child younger than six years old equaled $8,321 in 2010, while couples with two or more older children paid $9323. Homeowners and renters spent $8,689 and $6,962 respectively, C2ER reveals.

Relocation Expense: Workers might spend as little as $280 (if moving to a spot with one bedroom) and as much as $1,370 (for five bedrooms) when relocating within the Sunshine State this June. That's about how much it costs to move from Sacramento to Truckee, Calif., reports.

9. Washington, D.C./Washington-Arlington-Alexandria D.C.-Va. Government workers and street vendors might enjoy living in or around our politically prestigious capital. But they pay dearly for it. In 2010, Washington D.C., metropolitan-area dwellers with one baby or a young child paid $8,271 in monthly living expenses, according to C2ER. Residents with two or more tweens or teenagers paid a meaty $9,234 each month. Homeowners spent $8,798, and renters paid $6,444.

Relocation Expense: Moving from Raleigh, N.C. to the D.C. area for a new job at the start of summer will run you anywhere from $490 (one bedroom) to $1,680 (five bedrooms).

10. Newport Beach/Orange County, Calif. Rarely does art mirror life perfectly, but the primetime soap opera The O.C. hit all the right notes in that regard. Lawyersand doctors in Newport Beach really do live in mansions that big, kids do attend high schools that grand, and the residents do drive cars that expensively luxurious. In 2010, a working couple with one young child paid about $8,176 per month to live in this area. Families with older children looking to make ends meet paid about $9,182 in that same period. Homeowners' monthly expenses averaged $8,819, while renters' monthly expenses equaled about $6,364.

Relocation Expense: Leaving behind an office in a towering skyscraper for one closer to a sprawling beach? Relocating from Manhattan to Newport Beach will cost you anywhere from $2,920 (one bedroom) to $4,650 (five bedrooms), reports.

Remember, it's always a good idea to research your options prior to accepting a new job, but especially if you're heading to a costly city.