8 Tasteless Items to Remove From Your Desk

Consider leaving these personal favorites out of the workplace.

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7. Fragrance diffusers. The smell of apple spice or lavender reed diffusers might soothe your nerves. But it might not do the same for your co-workers. Employees should be sensitive to that fact. Scents, such as perfume or cologne, which drift into others' workspaces can create an unpleasant environment for them, says Scott.

8. Leftovers. Foods with pungent smells are best consumed in the office common room, Scott says. "If you're going to eat Indian curry for lunch, see if you can go eat in the lunchroom. Again, just be sensitive about those smells or odors that you may have, particularly in a cubicle that your neighbor is going to be sharing as well. Garlic may be your favorite flavor, but it's not necessarily theirs." And if you must eat at your desk, Scott says, just remember to discard your containers. "You don't need your stack of 20 Mountain Dew cans," she says.

Above all else, Scott says employees should remember that items displayed in their offices and cubicles are extensions of themselves. "Always keep in mind, you're projecting something about yourself by what's displayed in your office," she says.