5 Helpful Job Websites for New Grads

Nifty websites beneficial to new grads navigating the career world for the first time.

A recent study reveals that business is the most popular field of study for undergraduate and graduate online students.

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5. USAStudentJobs.gov. Newbie job hunters looking for a stable, 9-to-5 with healthcare benefits and a hefty retirement package could do far worse than beginning their search at USAStudentJobs.gov—a tried-and-true job-search resource for students looking to gain a foothold in the government sector. "USA Student Jobs is an excellent resource for students or new grads who know that they want to work for the federal government," says Redd. She says the site is thorough, providing job seekers ample resources to help filter their search. "Job seekers can search for jobs in public service by location, federal agency, career field, desired experience, and other specifications to find the best potential matches," she explains. And first-time applicants won't be left in the dark. "The user interface is straightforward and easy-to-use and many positions allow the user to apply online straight from the posting."

Regardless of which job website they consult, new job seekers should tap into their personal networks when hunting for entry-level work, Vivas urges. "Friends, family, and personal relationships are the best resources in finding the job that fits your interests," he says. "Never be afraid to reach out to someone who works in the industry or at the company you're interested in."