How to Raise Your Social Media Profile

If you haven’t already established a presence in social media, now’s the time.

A new LinkedIn feature may help students’ credibility.
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What should those tweets say? Make them 75 percent professional, 25 percent personal. It's the personal that often creates the connection, says Dib, citing a recruiter who is a cycling enthusiast and likes to connect on Twitter with other cycling fans. Once the personal link is made, it can help your search.

For the professional tweets, you can make observations about blog posts or articles you've read, and judiciously retweet a comment you found interesting. Keep in mind that what's written on social media lives forever. "You can't be one personality on the forums and then decide to clean up your act when you need to get a job," says Lipschultz.

Twitter is unlikely to give you fast results, warns Dib. So "you have to start it way before you need it."