The Holiday Hustle: How Stressed-Out Retail Workers Find Balance

Don’t let the holiday havoc spoil your mood at work.


Procrastinators are likely to fill stores this weekend.


"Patterns of behavior only change if I make it simple enough to do it," says Eric Zimmerman, chief marketing officer for RedBrick Health. So the next time a series of irate customers or a reduction in hours puts a damper on your mood, try Journey's "new attitude" technique to alleviate whatever stress you may be feeling at the moment.

3. Take advantage of what employers offer. The dream of your employer taking away on-call shifts or providing every work hour you need is, well, just a dream.

Still, some employers offer programs that can help with shorter-term issues, like in-the-moment anxiety, and longer-term ones that address financial or familial struggles. "Being healthy is great ... but you have to teach people coping mechanisms," says Chaifetz, explaining that employees facing longer-term struggles need more sustained care.

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Partnering with thousands of employers nationwide, ComPsych offers employees services including counseling, wellness programs, and work-life services. It also offers the FinancialConnect program, in which employees can meet with in-house certified public accountants and certified financial planners to discuss topics ranging from personal debt to budgeting.

The aim of such programs is to limit off-the-job distractions that may effect an employee's work performance. "They remain more productive and have better performance on the job," adds Chaifetz, noting the benefits these services can have on employee performance.