Experts Predict a Hiring Boom in 2013

More jobs are on the way but odds are, the increase will lag past recoveries.

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Meier says the problems stem from the fact that many job seekers poorly market themselves. According to Meier, many of these workers are failing to show how they can add value to a company. "Employers are getting so picky that if you don't prove your value quickly, you're being passed over," he says. "If you can prove you're worth five times as much as your salary to your employer, you're a no-brainer."

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The best way to demonstrate such value is on your resume, Meier says. He adds that many potential workers simply list their past jobs and accomplishments. Instead, these job seekers should be showing how they added dollar value to their previous employers.

He says people looking for work "don't understand employers make hiring decisions based on value they can see. Job seekers worry about titles. Employers don't work on potential or perceived value. They want to know: What have you done specifically that made things better, that made things more valuable? What is the bottom line of your contribution to your employer?"

"The resume is the most undervalued document on the face of the earth. It is your storyline, and you're the one who has to make it compelling," he says.