24 Hot and Hiring Healthcare Jobs

Jobs in medicine that are hiring and paying well.

Doctor with stethoscope
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These workers also represent a sect of healthcare that will see some of the most substantial growth by 2020, due to the large and aging baby-boomer population but also thanks to our society's growing interest in preventative medicine. Some pockets within these fields will experience tremendous hiring opportunity. For example, the BLS reports that advanced practice registered nurses (nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, and clinical nurse specialists) should especially see a hiring boom, as should nurses willing to work in residential care facilities.

Dental Assistant

Expected Openings: 91,600

Dental Hygienist

Expected Openings: 68,500

Medical Assistant

Expected Openings: 162,900

Nursing Aide

Expected Openings: 302,000


Expected Openings: 75,400

Registered Nurse

Expected Openings: 711,900

Respiratory Therapist

Expected Openings: 31,200

Health & Wellness

It's no longer sufficient to treat medical problems when they happen. We now want to ward them off before they can occur. And as "preventative care" becomes more buzzy, it also becomes more available and affordable. Five positions that facilitate this branch of healthcare made our list of Best Jobs for 2013.

As with other healthcare professions, growth in the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage therapy, and epidemiology can also be traced back to baby boomers: This generation is aging but active, and boomers desire and require more rehabilitative and/or preventative care than previous generations.

Physical Therapist

Expected Openings: 77,400

Physical Therapist Assistant

Expected Openings: 30,800

Occupational Therapist

Expected Openings: 36,400

Massage Therapist

Expected Openings:30,900


Expected Openings:37,600

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The Comforts of Home

One of the fastest-growing industries within healthcare won't employ professionals in a hospital or clinic, but in private residences. The expense and discomfort of being supplanted to an assisted living or nursing home during convalescence, in elderly years, or for end-of-life care is driving many to employ healthcare workers to provide assistance in the home. Home health aides and personal care aides usually aren't qualified to perform advanced medical procedures, but they are assets for patients who need help moving around, bathing, and performing light household tasks.

These two professions made our list because job opportunities are excellent for both. On the other hand, job security isn't as great. Turnover can be high since many aides work with terminal patients, are paid low salaries, and experience little job advancement, according to the BLS. Those thinking of becoming either a personal care aide or home health aide might want to use the job as an entree into registered nursing or occupational therapy.

Home Health Aide

Expected Openings: 706,300

Personal Care Aide

Expected Openings: 607,000