How to Bounce Back From an Office Breakup in 7 Steps

Advice from the experts on how to mend your wounded heart and stay productive.

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If your company is smaller with minimal space, touching up your resume and finding employment elsewhere may be your best bet. "It could be very uncomfortable because there's nowhere to go if things go bad," says Thanasoulis.

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7. Think twice before dating a colleague again. After an in-house transfer or finding a new job altogether, you swear off interoffice dating. But along comes a new employee with whom you're smitten. Before long, you're daydreaming about a night out on the town and hedging from your "never again" policy.

Only 17 percent of workers say they've given inter-office dating another shot, according to the CareerBuilder survey. So before leaping into another relationship with a co-worker, Acharya suggests considering two things: First, think about the potential ramifications. Second, get to know the person first before pursuing him or her. If there's "a solid connection, real emotions, and a happily-ever-after future seems to be a real possibility," she adds, think about "revising [your] policy."