How to Deal With Your Dead-End Job

Liven up your lame work life.

You can overcome a dead-end job by continuing to work hard and enjoying your co-workers.
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Explore other internal options. Your current role may offer nothing in the way of progress, but that doesn't mean the company is void of other promising positions. "Maybe you could move to some other position within the same organization, which is often possible, and it's something that people may not even explore," Amabile says.

Stay on the hunt for other jobs. While your financial obligations prevent you from quitting on the spot, that doesn't mean you can't browse the external job market during your down time. Also be willing to apply for work that is beyond your scope of expertise or experience. "You can test the outside market, see what possibilities there might be for you outside this organization," Amabile says. "Even if it means somewhat stretching yourself in terms of the kind of work you would be doing."