Are You Jealous of Your Boss?

Don’t get swallowed up by your resentment.

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Avoid comparing yourself. Admire your boss's strong suits; don't use them as a means for measuring your own perceived shortcomings."Thou shalt not compare," Orloff says. "The minute you get into comparing yourself with other people, you feel less than [adequate]. It's a vicious circle of oppression."

Build up your self-esteem. Self-affirmation doesn't only come in the form of verbally or mentally telling yourself how great you are. Being around positive people, eating healthy food, exercising and taking time off are also effective ways to build up good feelings, according to Orloff. While the methods differ, each helps reach the same goal: Taking the focus off your boss and positively placing it back on you. "Take your eyes off other people, and affirm your own self-esteem instead of worrying so much about what they have," Orloff says.

Remember that civil isn't code for cozy. Dropping your jealousy doesn't mean you have to become best friends with your boss. But you should maintain a polite and respectful attitude toward him or her. "You don't have to be best friends, but you certainly want [the relationship] to be civil and professional," Bruzzese says.

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Turn a negative into a positive. Harness your bitterness to change your attitude and behavior. "If you use the negative emotions as a prompt to transform to something better, than it's all a growth lesson and that's good," Orloff says.

Think about working elsewhere. If you absolutely can't overcome the feelings you have, contemplate switching jobs, Bruzzese suggests. But finding a new job may not be a perfect cure. Whatever route you take, it's important to deal with the issue, which may require seeking professional help.

"I would certainly encourage you to get professional help because if you cannot cope with it, it's not going to go away simply by changing employers," Bruzzese says.