10 Reasons to Take A Temporary Job

While the gig may have a short duration, taking it could prove a smart move in the long run.

With a recovering economy, accepting a short-term position may be the best option for ending your stay among the unemployed.

Khalid Hart, a temporary worker turned full-time employee who used Adecco's services, wrote in an email that working in the manufacturing and telecommunications field built upon pre-existing skills. "I had a solid understanding of troubleshooting systems prior to my temporary employment, but this environment I was now working in really expanded my skills," he writes.

9. Expand your contacts. The employer you're working for may not have an opening when the stint ends, but if you made personal and professional inroads during your time there, you may leave with solid references, Marx says.

"Those connections as you continue to network [will] help lead you to that right long-term position," she adds.

10. Earn respect of future employers. You may be skittish about venturing out to a different career arena, but a future company sizing up your résumé will be impressed by the decision to work in a field foreign to your expertise rather than not working at all.

Even if a temporary job isn't in line with what you were doing before, Marx says, "it's better from an employer's point of view if you show that you continued to work."