Crafting a Tailor-Made Résumé to Fit Your Field

Tips for how to customize your résumé for your profession.

Tips for how to customize your résumé for your profession
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Résumés for creative positions are expected to showcase the applicant's abilities. The use of color as well as a personal logo or other design elements can demonstrate your aptitude for a creative position.

However, the creative elements need to be strategic. "You want the audience to remember the brand," Cohen says, "and you want to leverage the design and creativity in doing that." Although creative résumés have more room for imagination than others, that same creativity can cause problems with online applications. If there is too much design or the wording is too lengthy, job application software could prevent the résumé from making it through the system. To combat this, Cohen recommends adding either a link to an online portfolio or an addendum to inform the reader that more examples of your work are available.

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Regardless of the industry you are applying to, Cohen says it's important to have a solid strategy along with a strong résumé. And the best strategy is to network. "Applying for jobs is a very ineffective way to try to find a job," she says. "The minority of positions are secured though an online application, either through a job portal or a company website. Networking is the No. 1 way that job seekers find a new position."

Cohen also emphasizes that résumés are "living documents" that need to shift and mold to each new employment opportunity. Given the competition prevalent in today's job market, keeping your résumé flexible and ready to evolve with each new application is a key strategy when searching for a job.