8 Ways to Unplug From Work During Your Summer Vacation

Don’t get bogged down by your job while soaking up the sun.

Sharing trips with friends and cashing in on rewards can make for a more affordable getaway
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7. Prioritize emails and cellphone use. If you're going to work, at least be selective in the tasks you choose. Robbins suggests checking your email and writing down on a piece of paper what action needs to be taken. If you can get away with not responding to the sending party, do so. Back-and-forth exchanges via email can engulf a good deal of time. "This will force you to get through the email and electronic stuff as quickly as possible," he says.

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Also, put a cap on how long you work by leaving your smartphone or laptop charger behind during daily outings. A limited battery limits your use.

8. Banish all things electronic. If you're eager to conquer your addiction to work, and put family and friends first, taking a more radical route may be necessary. "If you're a true workaholic … don't even take your electronics with you," Posen says.