Quick Tips for a Successful Interview From an Interview Coach

Author Stuart Taylor shares his self-tested interview advice.

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Post interview. Treat your interviewer like a date. Just like you wouldn't want to end an enjoyable date without telling the other person how you feel, Taylor says you don't want to end an interview without expressing your interest in taking the next step in the process. "You want to tell your interviewer how excited you are about the position, reiterate your interest in taking that next step forward and actually ask for that next step," he advises.

If you think your interaction with your interviewer is over once the interview is done, think again. Similar to how your interview starts long before you enter the interview arena, Taylor says it also doesn't end when you leave. "It's important to follow up with the interviewer once you've left, and it's equally important that that sentiment manifests itself promptly and physically," he says.

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Taylor suggests going to a business center – or anywhere you can access a computer, printer or paper – immediately following the interview and typing out or handwriting a thank-you note. Then, if possible, go back to your interview site and give the note to a third party to be delivered to your interviewer. "This looks phenomenal to an interviewer because it lets them know, before they've even left the vicinity, that you've followed up with them," he says.

"Little things like that make or break an interview," he adds. "Let's say you're neck-and-neck with someone, and you send a thank-you note when they don't. Well, now you're ahead of that person. Little things like sending a thank-you note an hour after your interview or a firm handshake are noticeable. They make a difference."