The Hardest Working Cities in America

A real estate website determines which U.S. cities have the hardest workers.

Hardest working cities composite -- San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Seattle

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Chicagoans Stay on the Move

Including average hours worked in an equation to determine which cities have the hardest workers is an obvious choice, but adding commute time is genius. "I have an hour and a half one-way commute myself, a three-hour trip every day," Cross says. "It's not quite your time, but it's not actually work time either. Still, you're almost in work mode. For instance, when I'm commuting I might answer work calls." Using data from the United States Census Bureau, Movoto found workers in Chicago endure the longest trips to work, spending an average of 33.7 minutes traveling one way to get to employers like Gatorade and real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle. The long distance contributed to a mid-range ranking for the city: Chicago has the No. 32 slot.

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