Plotting Your Career Path From Age 20 to Age 70

Be and do your best work at any age.

Be and do your best work at any age

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60s and 70s

Many older workers don't have the luxury of languishing in full-time retirement, and some aren't interested in that setup anyway. If this is you, you might have justified fears about finding a job – or keeping one. Don't play into the biases of less-enlightened employers concerning your age group. "You need to be more assertive, with a résumé that quantifies what you've done, and you must also have a very strong social media presence, just like younger job seekers," Mufson recommends. "The base line for that is having a LinkedIn profile. These days, recruiters are going to look for you online, and even employers are going to search for you at some point. If they can't find you [online] in a professional sense so that they may vet you, then they're going to think you're behind the times."

Consultant work is a great option once you've reached this stage of your professional life because you'll get the best of both worlds: The opportunity to use the knowledge you've cultivated, plus the flexibility to work on your own terms. If you'd like to pursue this, Mufson suggests joining the local chamber of commerce and staying involved in professional associations, since both options pave the path to consulting opportunities. And then, she says, "You especially have to promote yourself on social media as an expert."