7 Tips for Job Hunting While Still Employed

Here’s how to tactfully shield your search from your employer.

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Schedule interviews during non-work hours. Try to secure interview times that don't interfere with your time on the clock. If you're faced with the dilemma of an employer who wants you to interview during regular work hours, consider taking a vacation or personal day.

Confess if you're caught. If a colleague or boss directly confronts you about your job search, it's better to tell the truth. By lying, you may shatter your credibility and jeopardize the chance of your boss serving as a future reference. A boss will be short on complimentary words about an employee who fibbed directly to his or her face.

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Searching and Exiting With Class

It may have taken years for you to earn the reputation of consummate professional at your current company. Don't burn that title with a shady job search at the end of your tenure. "Always keep in mind that you want to leave that organization with your reputation intact," Johnson says. "It's a very small world, and the people that you work with today, they will be part of your network for the rest of your career."