Try These Résumé Formats When Job Searching

With résumés, format is just as important as content.

Looking to launch a second career? Follow these tips to revitalize your résumé

However, non-traditional résumés can cause problems and can be expensive. While visual résumé templates are available for very little cost online, custom design résumés can range from $600 to $2,000 on sites like Applicants also have to consider the digital footprint and trends of a potential employer before choosing one of these styles. "Non-traditional résumés are fine between colleagues because they are interesting and entertaining, but they make a reviewer work too hard to find information," Segal says. Simple additions, like a picture, can complicate HR professionals' decisions when considering an applicant for hire, since physical appearance and characteristics such as race and ethnicity should have no bearing on hiring considerations. Non-traditional résumés also aren't ideal if your target company uses an applicant tracking system that strips pictures and logos from submitted files, or refuses to accept applications with these elements.