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  • How to Live to 100

Be Healthy

Not all of us will make it to 106, or even to 95. But more of us are. So what's the secret to living to 100?

Be Happy

Happiness is a powerful life goal. But what if we could also live longer and better lives simply by being happier?

Afford It

Saving for retirement is much harder than it used to be, largely because we live longer, spend more on health care, and enjoy a higher standard of living.

Health Checklist
Athlete stretching before jog
How to Give Yourself a Health Boost

Strength train at least twice a week

Floss daily to prevent the buildup of gum disease—causing bacteria

Flex your mental muscle by writing, reading, or playing games

Happiness Checklist
These 22 Steps Will Make You Feel Better

Invest in your relationships

Consider whether work plays too large a role in your identity

Learn new things and engage in a variety of meaningful activities

Money Checklist
Parents should not rule out a 529 college savings plan based on their state of residence.
Improve Your Finances for the Years Ahead

Analyze your spending over the last month

Calculate how much money you want to have saved before you retire

Take advantage of all tax breaks available to you