Rebate Help on the Web

Here are sites where you can learn about rebate offers and track their status.


Rebates are easy to forget about after you've mailed in the offer, or even before you ever get around to it. Here's a list of websites to help you find and track them:

Free After Rebate lists products available online that are free or almost free after the rebate. It organizes offers that will soon expire in a handy "Expiration Calendar."

Rebate Place details hundreds of available rebates across a variety of categories, including big-ticket items like computers, televisions, and DVD players. It also gives the dates of rebate promotions, so you can check up on the status of a rebate offering you have your eye on.'s Rebate Center showcases rebates not just of money but of products such as DVDs. Some offerings include extra money, such as a $10 coupon, for providing a referral or an endorsement of the product.

Rebate List lists available rebates and links to where you can purchase the product (and get the rebate) online.

Many retailers, including Office Depot, Hewlett-Packard, and Circuit City list their available rebates on their Web pages. They also let you check the status of rebates.