How to Make New Year's Resolutions Stick

When it comes to financial ambitions, the trick is to involve friends—and strangers.

  • Embrace simplicity. With a frugality movement sweeping the country, it's easy to join the trend. Ride your bike to work, grow your own food (or at least herbs with an at-home kit), buy used books and furniture, and forget about craving the latest gadget. A newer, cheaper version will very likely be out soon, anyway.
    • Get help from the feds. Free encouragement is everywhere. In addition to the websites mentioned above, Lifehack offers regular tips on improving productivity, and helps users to pay off debt. Even the federal government wants to help you with your New Year's goals. At, you can find popular goals and click on links that help you achieve them. You might as well take advantage of the services your tax dollars are providing, which could be another goal in itself.