Take Advantage of These Top 10 Fall Deals

Retailers are slashing the prices of electronics, home furnishings, and handbags.

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4) Flat-screen televisions: An analysis by www.PriceGrabber.com shows that flat-screen televisions are discounted at rates between 24 and 38 percent. Even high-end brands slash prices for Black Friday, but retailers will differ on the depth of their discounts, so consumers should shop around. (If you want a high-end television, wait until December for the best prices.)

5) Southwest's Friends Fly Free program: To encourage more people to book getaways this winter, Southwest is offering free flights for your companion when you book a flight and hotel package to certain cities. The airline is currently taking reservations for Las Vegas and Orlando.

6) Mountain bikes: These are a popular seller this fall, with www.PriceGrabber.com reporting discounts ranging from 15 to 50 percent. Marked-down brands include Mongoose, Schwinn, and Kawasaki.

7) Beauty products: Consumers are saving money at the salon by styling their own hair, which means they're buying flat irons and blow dryers. That's one reason prices on health and beauty products are up to 76 percent off, according to www.PriceGrabber.com.

8) Handbags: With luxury items selling slowly, some retailers are cutting shoppers a deal. On www.PriceGrabber.com, handbag discounts range from 20 to 50 percent. Brands include Coach, Gucci, and Big Buddha.

9) Vacuum cleaners: Every home needs one, which is probably why vacuum cleaners have proved popular despite consumer cutbacks. Discounts of up to 37 percent off can be found on Hoovers, Dysons, and other brands.

10) Home furnishings: People are spending more time at home, so items that make living rooms and kitchens seem more luxurious are popular—and on sale. A digital photo frame from Haier, for example, starts at $30, or 57 percent off.